Chloe turns 4!

10:31 AM

My sweet Chloe turned four years old! On Christmas night I scrounged through Nana's kitchen cupboards to find ingredients to make a cake. She had a lemon cake mix, and purple sprinkles, and a butterfly cookie cutter... wah la! This is what resulted. Chloe loved the cake and it even coordinated with the blue fairy dress she received.
On her birthday we went to the Phoenix zoo with Cortney, Sandy, Tyson, and Charlie Skouson. It was a very big zoo and we didn't even get a chance to walk the whole thing before the children got tired. I think Chloe's favorite part was watching the baby chimpanzee. Her least favorite animals were the snakes and reptiles. After the zoo, we went to Chik-fil-A for lunch. After that, the kids were so worn out from the morning that William and Chloe both took really long naps... and so did I. When we woke up, it was time to party! We had a small party at Nana's house with homemade ice cream and of course cake. Chloe loved being sang to and blowing out her candles. She loves the attention that birthdays brings. William loved playing with the balloons and wrapping paper. Chloe's big present from mom and dad was a blue fairy dress. She received five dollars and candy from Nana and Papa. She got an Elsa doll and jewelry making kits from Grandma and Grandpa. This girl sure is spoiled but we love her so.

Favorite colors- blue, purple, and pink
Favorite food- apples
Favorite treat- candy/chocolate and ice cream
Favorite movie: Princess and the frog
Favorite game: candy land and hide-n-go-seek
Favorite toy: dress up
What do you want to be when you grow up: Chloe :)
Best friends: Bradley Andersen and Camryn Depew

Chloe is going to be a leader in this world. She loves to take charge and tell me what to do on occasion. She thinks she's the boss which is a quality that could make her really successful. She also has a big heart and "loves everyone" as she would say. She is a natural caregiver and loves to take care of her babies, stuffed animals, dolls, and family. She is mature beyond her years and loves to take on responsibilities like picking up toys, setting the table, getting dressed all by herself, making her bed, buckling her seat belt, carrying groceries, and making dinner. She can write her name and recognizes about 90% of the alphabet. She can count to 14 before she goes all over the place. She said her favorite place to drive in the car to is Nana's house and Grandma's house. She loves people and craves playmates. She is very creative and enjoys crafts and drawing. She also loves to dance, sing, and entertain and is a performer. She isn't afraid and loves life. She also is my cuddle bug and I enjoy our talks before she goes to bed. I love you Chloe!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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